While living in Prague working at BBDO as a television commercial consultant, I would often visit my literary hero Franz Kafka's grave for inspiration while writing  screenplays.

When I returned to the US, he created Purple Turtle Films to produce, direct, and edit Blue Gold: World Water Wars., my first feature documentary, which is based on the groundbreaking book and narrated by Malcolm McDowell.  I risked my house, and often my life, to finance and shoot the controversial film, which has won international festival awards, has screened theatrically in Japan, on television via the Sundance Channel, and is available on PBS Video, Amazon VOD, iTunes and Netflix. The project allowed me the chance to work with a documentary hero Mark Achbar (“The Corporation”, “Manufacturing Consent”) who mentored me in documentary post-production and distribution. The international audience response continues to be a high-light of my career.

Press photo of Sam Bozzo in Tokyo, Japan

for theatrical premiere of  Blue Gold: World Water Wars

An Art Center College of Design Alumni, I wrote, directed, and edited three international award winning short films which screened on the Sundance Channel, Showtime, and at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. I was honored to be a Top 10 Project Greenlight Director personally selected by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and a winner of Kevin Spacey’s contest.

As a screenwriter, I sold a horror script to legendary television Writer/Producer Stephan J. Cannell. I’ve written several screenplays of varying genres and budgets, some projects to sell and other to produce and Direct independently. “Sweet and Sour”, a dark comedy co-starring Malcolm McDowell, will be my feature narrative directorial debut. My scripts have been Quarterfinalists in the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting and a Semi-Finalist in the Cannes Golden Plume Screenwriting Competition.

In television, my sci-fi pilot “The Farm” made the prestigious quarterly Blacklist and I desire greatly to write on a television series. To pursue this goal, I earned my MFA at David Lynch's Graduate School in Cinematic Arts, where I was honored to learn from a true film master while working on a collaborative TV Web Series which also resulted in my recent short film "No More Secrets".